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did you have a mistress or a did you just push yourself into feminization? how long did you drag your feet before taking hormones? how long after taking them does it take for your breasts to grow?

No mistress, no master. I used to think of my feminine side as half of the coin of my being…which is a common perspective among thespians. However, when I realized that I only liked what I saw in the mirror when I was in feminine form, it all just clicked. A year later, HRT. Breast growth is all dependent on your genes— as they say in many transgender forums, “Your Mileage May Vary.”

I’ve only just started HRT a month ago…so, sadly, those are breast forms in all my pictures to date. But I’ll let you know when it’s all me ;)

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Get your facts straight, CNN.

If you didn’t know, Stephen Colbert is a literal expert on Lord of the Rings. He went onto the sets of one of the films and managed to beat the resident lore expert in a trivia contest. Someday he will die and Death will come, and he will live forever by challenging him to a contest of LoTR trivia.

Headcanon accepted.

I’ve been looking everywhere for this oh my god

Colbert kills me