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Are you suggesting something, little slut?

yes Daddy, you made me a girl, you pay for my surgeries, my makeup, my sexy clothes, my trips to the hair salon

in return i offered to be your sex slave and it was the best thing i ever did

but as your slave i do what ever i am told and you don’t paddle me any more

do i have to be a bad girl and disobey you to get a spanking?

Good kitty, go fetch your leash.

Sometimes I worry

When I’m up at 5am carefully crafting the sound design for my attempts at hypno erotica, I worry that because I’ve done my fair share of hallucinogens that what I’m crafting will be more intimidating than sexy.

Then I remember that the hypnos that I enjoy the most are the ones that are borderline creepy— A little too much like what I think audiovisual hypnotic induction would look like if it were actually real.

And so I carry on.


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