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holditsissy asked:

What is your ultimate most depraved sexual fantasy?

My most depraved fantasy? Hmm…here’s one of many:

I meet a couple via Fetlife and we agree to all get together at their place later that night. I spend the day grooming and preparing for a night of fun and just as the sun is going down, I head out (in boy mode). They live in the hills outside of town, in a big brick house with no other houses nearby. I park and gather my things, then walk up to the front door. Before I can ring the doorbell, the door swings open and I am greeted by both of them. They are all smiles and sweep me inside, closing the door behind us and helping me out of my jacket. They ask me to take off my shoes because of their brand new carpeting and I oblige. The man takes my shoes from me to put with my jacket. The woman pours me a glass of wine and we all sit down on a giant sofa in front of their fireplace. Soon, we are all laughing and hands are meandering and I’m feeling good…actually not just good, but great. I can’t seem to stop giggling and I feel so comfortable with them. Then after a while, she whispers something into his hear and giggles, and grins and nods. She says, “We’ll be right back, we have a surprise for you…don’t go running off!” To which, I giggle, “I wouldn’t dare!”
They both get up and leave the room, and I lean my head back and watch the dancing flames illuminate the backs of eyelids. I fall asleep.

I wake up somewhere slightly different.
In a bed.
The room is dark, except for the glow of another fireplace. My body hurts.
I go to slide my hands to push myself up, but something is holding my wrists.
I realize that I was wrong before, its just my chest that hurts.
I look at my wrist and realize its a hospital bed, but an incredibly lavish one with crimson silk sheets, and gun metal rails.
I am chained to it.
I feel groggy, but my head doesn’t hurt.
My chest, why is my chest so sore?
I tilt my head up and look for my toes and realize that I am shirtless.
And that I have huge beautiful breasts.
I pass out again from shock.

There’s more to this fantasy…but I am over typing it I to my phone (lol). I hope that that taste was enough to sate your appetite for now, lovebug.

Rachel Rexx

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